Ultimate Leader 9ft (2-pack) 2X. 0,23mm

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Our 9' Ultimate monofilament leaders will cover most of your Dry/Nymph/Streamer fishing. Ultimate leaders are delivered with 2 pcs in each package, so you always have a backup! These leaders turn over your fly effortlessly,  are very easy to knot and, and have great strength and abrasion resistance. Our Ultimate leaders have a knot strength up to 98% and a maximum elasticity of 30% which gives a perfect mix of strength and "tippet protection" These leaders are high quality monofilaments that are manufactured in Europe'

We have labeled the different sizes in typical industry standard measurements. Breaking strength, tip diameter measurements as well as the fly fishing world's "common language" for strength/tip diameter in X sizes that you will recognise from all major brands out there. 

But in addition to this we also added suggested applications for the different sizes. They are meant to guide the novice angler to identify the preferred use of each size, as well as letting the experienced angler that does not care about remembering X labels and tip measurements to quickly identify the recommended use for each size!

(these suggested applications are suggestions based on our knowledge "on the water" but of course there is thousands of fisherman and they each encounter different conditions, so for some they might be used in different ways)

These suggested applications is as follows:
0 X - 0,28mm. Application: (Streamer)
1 X - 0,26 mm. Application: (Streamer)
2 X - 0,23 mm. Application: (Streamer)
3 X - 0,20 mm. Application: (Streamer)
4 X - 0,17 mm. Application: (Dry/Nymph)
5 X - 0,15 mm. Application: (Dry/Nymph)
6 X - 0,13 mm. Application: (Dry/Nymph)
7 X - 0,11 mm. Application: (Dry/Nymph) 

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