J:son Tungsten Stonefly Nymph 1 Olive Brown #2

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Size: 32 mm / approx 1.1/4 in Hook: J:son NP #2

Stoneflies are found all over the world. No matter where you are, they have some things in common. They need clean freshwater to survive and they are only found in moving water.

Often called the "year-a-round-fly", stonefly nymphs are active all year around and are important due to this. They are rarely of huge importance during a hatch as most species just crawl along the bottom on to rocks at the shoreline to hatch. But, fish will feed on them all year and especially large sized nymphs will seldom be ignored by a hungry trout.

They also work well as attractor flies when fishing new waters in search of good fishing spots.

We recommend you to use a J:son Swivel for all your flies and fly fishing. But its important to always use a J:son Swivel when fishing J:son flies in size 1 and 2.

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