J:son Tungsten Mayfly Nymph 3 Olive Brown #12

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Size: 18 mm / approx 3/4 in 4 Hook: J:son NP #12

Many mayfly nymphs are darkbrown to olive in color. Not a surprise, just take a look at the bottom of most creeks, rivers, lakes and streams. It gives them a great camouflage. This nymph in size 3 is a great pattern that works on many occasions. As an example it imitates large sized BWOs, also known as Baetis.

We recommend that you use a J:son Swivel for all your fly fishing, no matter what type of fly you are using. However, it is necessary to use a J:son Swivel when ever you fish a size 1 or 2 J:son fly.

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