Fluorocarbon Leader 9ft (1-pack) 2X. 0,23mm

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Our 9' Fluorocarbon leaders will cover most of your fly fishing endeavours where stealth is needed. These leaders are available from 0,12mm to 0,33mm in tip diameter covering everything from light nymphing, streamer fishing, lighter cold & tropical saltwater usage, even Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon on those days when the water is low and clear. J:son Fluorocarbon is 100% pure which gives you all the benefits listed below. J:son fluo carbon leaders are made in the EU.

 Why Fluoro Carbon?
- Invisible to fish
- Much higher abrasion resistance the monofilament
- Sinks up to 3 times faster than monofilament
- Aids in turnover weighted/bulky flies even in wind due to its stiffness
- Easier to untangle "wind knots" etc due to it's stiffness relative to monofilament
- Better "anchoring" properties when spey/scandi casting due to it's sink rate/density
- Last longer, Fluo Carbon does not age in the same way monofilament does (very important not to leave any leftovers in nature) 

When not to use Fluocarbon:
Because Fluorocarbon sinks fast you might be better off choosing a monofilament when fishing small dries that are "low-floating" otherwise the fluorocarbon might "drown" your fly. Other cases where you run the risk of "drowning" your fly might be when you are swinging/skating a dry over choppy surface in the river, or fishing a small riffling hitch for salmon.

A word of caution:
Be careful or avoid mixing monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders because of reduced knot strength. Since these two materials are different in density and stretch/stiffness it might cause  knot failure if for example mono is tied on as tippet material to a fluorocarbon leader or vice versa.
This is mostly crucial on thinner diameters. If you are using heavier mono and fluorocarbon for heavier streamer fishing and similar this is usually not a big problem due to the thickness & strength of both materials on heavier streamer fishing and similar medium to heavy applications. 

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