Fishing has been fairly successful out in Mexico and Belize with 145 fish in two weeks. Most of the fish falling to just two patterns:
One which is the homer shrimpson 
And the other is one of your own patterns which took the top two fish attached in the photos

Conditions have been best in the morning at sunrise , a lot of very powerful tropical storms this time of year and temperatures have been around 40 Celsius. Many of the patterns sent were tried but the fly in the photo was exceptional , accounting for
28x jacks each around 3lb 
1x small tarpon (around 28lb) 
1x permit (around 14lb) 
1x trigger fish 
6x pompano 
2x small Barracuda 
1x strawberry grouper 

Despite the numbers this is without doubt less prolific than 3 years ago to the date in the exact same location, even whilst diving to explore the currents , reef and fish numbers to scout the location , far far less we’re discovered , no bonefish whatsoever, no turtles and no stingrays or the large manta rays. In its place so much more plastic washing up and sargassum sea weed which when washed up smells foul (like very old eggs).

/Grant Fraser