These are the fly tying materials (apart from my own) I use when I tie flies.

Dyneema: Synthetic (strong) tying thread which I color to match my different patterns, but also regular tying thread in black, white and tan 

Closed Cell Foam: 0.5 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm in white, cream, tan, olive, yellow, brown and black. 

Tails and antennas: On dries, in most cases, I use micro fibbets. Sometimes, however, I use fibers from a synthetic brush, which I color to match the pattern. And on all nymphs I use my own tapered silicone tails and antennas.

Deer and reindeer hair: Natural materials for legs on caddis, pupas, emergers etc.. 

Rooster hackle: Premium quality in various sizes. Cree or variant are the colors I use most, since these are generic and suitable for almost all of my patterns. 

Partridge hackle: Olive, yellow and natural. 

CDC and Trigger point: That I use as hackels and legs on some of my micro patterns.

Ostrich: In various colors and sizes. 

Regular dubbing: In various colors. 

Rubber legs: In various sizes and colors for certain tentacles and antennas. Sometimes I color them, using a pen

Solid larva lace: An elastic material that is easy to taper, cut and bend with heat. I use various sizes of black and tan, or similar, which I then color 

Flexi Skin and Flexi Body: Thin plastic foils for certain insect bodies.

Monofilament: Black or transparent, which I melt to make eyes. 

Weights: I use either elastic tungsten, which I cut to suitable strips, or self-adhesive lead foil. 

Superglue: For backs and wing buds on nymphs.

Regular head cement: To fix tying thread. 

Hard as Nails: Varnish for heads and backs. This varnish can be put on in multiple layers that will merge together.