Coastal Seatrout Leader 12ft (2-pack) 2X. 0,23mm

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Our 9' and 12' Coastal leaders will cover most of your Coastal and Streamer fishing if/when monofilament is prefered over Fluoro Carbon. These leaders will work for cold saltwater fishing like Sea Trout as well as light tropical applications like Bonefish etc.

The Coastal leaders are delivered with 2 pcs in each package, so you always have a backup! They have a thicker butt section and a taper design to aid when casting into the wind and/or using a bulky or weighted fly. The Coastal leaders are very easy to knot and, and have great strength and abrasion resistance. With a knot strength up to 98% and a maximum elasticity of 30% they provide a perfect mix of strength, turnover and "tippet protection"
These leaders are high quality monofilaments that are manufactured in the EU.

Alternative usage:
If you don't find yourself wading the flats or the coastline these leaders have a bonus use!
Fishing a weighted wooly bugger for rainbow trout in your local pond, or chucking medium sized streamers to wild trout on a windy day on whatever lake or stream you will find yourself at.

The 9' versions are great allround leaders for most cases when fishing a floating or intermediate line We also recommend the 9' if you are fishing bigger/bulkier and/or weighted flies. This is the most popular version because of its versatility.

The 12' version is your go-to leader if presentation is key. On a calm day wading a shallow turtle grass flat while casting a unweighted "Pink Puff" the 12' Coastal leader is the way to go if monofilament is prefered. 
In the cold saltwater when fly fishing  for species like Sea Trout, you might find yourself tossing out a small grub pattern like the "Kopparbassen" on a way-to-calm day somewhere on the scandinavian coastline, these days when the wind is gone and the water low & clear you should go for the 12' Coastal leader. 

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