"Claes, when I first came across your tying system, I knew it was something very special and that it would be something that would revolutionize fly tying as we know it. Upon deeper investigation it was obvious that a great deal of research, time and effort went into the development of each and every aspect of your system and it is something you should be very proud of. As you know, in fly tying, one ties two categories of flies; impressionistic or realistic. Your system bridges these two categories and allows anyone to tie flies that have the durability and profile that we look for in impressionistic flies along with the realism that creates those needed "triggers" to attract even the biggest of fish. After I began to use your system it was obvious to me that you have created something amazing that will not only endure, but will continue to grow immense over time."

Biography for Mark Patenaude

Mark was born and raised in the northeastern region of the United States among some of the best fly fishing water to be found anywhere. He purchased his first fly rod around the age of twelve and since then he has dedicated himself to all aspects of the sport.
Mark is a self-taught fly tier, and began this most enjoyable aspect of our sport in 1992. He is a currently a Pro Staff or a Pro Tyer member for several international fly fishing and fly tying companies, as well as a contributor to a U.S. fly fishing and fly tying magazine. He has also had a very successful career in business and has held a number of executive level positions with companies involved in home building.
Mark feels that the fly tying materials market in the US has become rather stagnant, and that the European market place is regularly coming up with new and better products. Additionally, because of the vast differences in styles, he feels that fly tiers from both disciplines can benefit from knowing each other's styles and techniques.
Finally, in addition to being a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited, Mark is a very vocal proponent of catch and release fly fishing, and the use of proper ethics and etiquette while on the water. Without these two important dimensions he feels our resources will become threatened and cannot possibly be maintained except through stocking programs which in all cases should be a last resort proposition.


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