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Grayling pack No.1

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199,00 kr
Grayling pack No.1
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Förpackningen innehåller:

1x Yellow Dragonflies #12

1x Goddard Sedge #12

1x Klinkhammer Olive Pearl #14

1x F-Fly Brown #16

1x GH Pheasant Tail #12

1x Vulgata Light #12

1x Streaking Caddis Nature #10

1x GH Husmask #10

1x Deerhair Wasp #12

1x Flying Ant #16

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This is a imitation of a large caddisfly like for example "grandis". They exist in most parts of Europe and is very dominant i Scandinavia during June-August. They vary in colour and size so check you local preferences.
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Caddis Larva 2 Green

Most often you will find the caddis larvae on the bottom and they will only accidently drift down stream in moving water or in search of new feeding grounds. Those living in still water, will only move across the bottom. It is necessery to fish your imitations of the larvae as close to the bottom as possilbe. Many anglers would say that an imitation of a caddis larvae are among the best, if not the best, trout fly around.
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Mosche secche da J: son hanno le ali realistiche che contengono 'aria, che insieme con il foam lungo i corpi sono praticamente inaffondabile. Leggi tutto ...
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