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The story behind J:son

Just like all other fly tyers, I’ve experienced joy and satisfaction when fishing with my own flies, but I’ve also experienced frustration when dry flies wear out too quickly and refuse to float. Not to mention all the flies and nymphs I thought were absolutely perfect–only to be snubbed by fickle trout in my home stomping grounds of Säveån, my local trout stream in Sweden.

This was something that really irritated me and kept me awake at night. Was there any way to make dry flies and nymphs look and behave like real insects, while also taking a real beating when fishing…?

I finally found a way to create these types of flies. I call it the “J:sonSystem”.

With my system, you can tie realistic dry flies that leave a perfect impression on the water’s surface and are virtually unsinkable. Nymphs made with the J:son System have a natural silhouette and are taken for real insects. J:sonSystem flies are durable, so you can focus on the whole point of fly fishing, which is to fish.

I do hope that you like my system, and that it gives you the same experiences it gave me: inspiration and pleasure while tying, excitement on the water and loads of fantastic memories from some of the world’s most incredible fishing spots.

Claes Johansson